Beaded Dog Collars

Beautiful Beaded Dog Collars

Fashionable dog collars are the best accessory for todays dog. They come in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and sizes. Many dog owners are purchasing several per dog and switching them throughout the week for a fashion twist. The beaded dog collar is one that is becoming more and more popular. To find a beautiful beaded dog collar, simply go to your nearest pet supply store or search on line.

Some of the simplest beaded dog collar designs will cost you the most. Pearl beaded dog collars are very popular right now. The collars end up looking like a regular sting of pearls on a dog. It is actually a dog necklace. These collars are sturdy but best used for inside small and medium sized dogs. They will collect dirt on outside dogs, making them an inappropriate choice for pooches that live outdoors. Along the same lines are the plain beaded dog collars made out of many different types and colors of beads.

The simple beaded collars are usually strung with thread similar to fishing line. They are held together with a twist closure clasp. This allows them to be durable and stay put. The only bad thing about these necklaces is that they need to be custom made for each pet due to their being no adjustable option.

These collars can be worn plain or used with dog collar charms for added flair. Many owners like to use a jewel charm to add elegance to their simple beaded dog collar. These dog collars are very popular, especially with celebrities and those who love to dress their dogs.

In addition to the simple styles, there are more complicated styles of beaded dog collars that tend to look more like collars than necklaces. They are made of multiple strands of beads that are woven together to form one thick collar. Some of these designs contain plastic beads, while others contain stones like turquoise and coral.

These designs are much more impressive and artistic than the simple designs but they do offer a more casual look to the beaded dog necklace. There are masculine designs in the more extravagant beaded collars that would even look good on male dogs, whereas the simple collars would look ridiculous on male dogs.

Most beaded dog collars will range in cost from $15 to $25 each. They are usually custom made to fit your dog. Therefore they most often need to be ordered. When ordering on line remember that there is usually shipping charged for each order. Be sure you ask how the company advises you measure your dogs neck.

Some companies measure differently than others.  Beaded dog collars are beautiful ways to allow your pet to accessorize. They are great for indoor dogs, but not so great for those that live outside. To find a great beaded dog collar, try searching online. There are many vendors who will offer you a good product for a low price.