Training using wireless dog fence

wireless dog fence

The Perimeter Technologies is the Best Wireless Dog Fence bread on the market it uses new WiFi technology to give a circular boundary of up to 200 ft radius that’s about 2.5 acres. Compared to other some other transceivers the WiFi waterproof collar transceiver is fairly small and light, measuring in at 2.5 inches wide […]

The Benefits of Sonic Bark Control Collars

Dog training can be done in various ways. You can teach them how to act properly in front of guests, restrain them from acting aggressively, avoid going out of the house, or be obedient to rules. One of the newest dog training methods is limiting your dog’s barking. Nothing is more annoying than waking up […]

Beaded Dog Collars

Beautiful Beaded Dog Collars Fashionable dog collars are the best accessory for todays dog. They come in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and sizes. Many dog owners are purchasing several per dog and switching them throughout the week for a fashion twist. The beaded dog collar is one that is becoming more and more […]

The acral lick granuloma

The acral lick granuloma is an illness among dogs characterized by the formation of an area in his body which is without hair, covered with lumped thick skin, and has an angry red color. Sometimes there is an accompanying infection, but sometimes there isn’t any. Such area can be described as traumatized, but this trauma […]