Hamster’s health

A hamster is not that likely to suffer from diseases quite that often but they are so tiny and dainty that injuries and illness end up being a very serious thing when it happens. If you find any signs or symptoms of loss of appetite, dizziness, laziness, discharge from the eyes or nose, it is always best to take them to a vet without any delay to get a full check up of your Hamster’s health.

Some of the diseased discussed:

This article is focused on all the kinds of diseases that your hamster is mostly likely to have. It is always advised to seek a professional help rather than being the doctor yourself. Keeping an eye out for the well being of the hamster is to keep a close watch at their food habits and to keep them hydrated properly.

Cardio-Vascular diseases:

There are mainly two types of heart diseases that are prevalently seen in the hamsters.

  • Atrial Thrombosis:

There are often blockages found in the upper chambers of the heart and mostly on the left side of the heart. Immediate treatment for the same is required to not make the situation any worse.

  • Congestive heart failure:

It is that condition in which the heart muscles become too weak to function properly and thus the blood is irregularly pumped in and out of the heart. It is mainly seen in older hamsters and the symptoms include irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath. There has been no definitive cure for the same.

Gastro-intestinal problems:

The most prevalent kinds of gastro-intestinal diseases visible in hamsters are diarrhoea and constipation.

  • Diarrhoea:

The main cause for the diarrhoea in hamsters is the inflammation of the small intestine which is known as Proliferative enteritis. This disease is mainly evident in small hamsters and sometimes even lead to death. The Vets mostly prescribe lots of fluid intake and even antibiotics in worse cases.

  • Constipation:

The hamsters are mostly affected by constipation due to the parasites that are found in the intestines. The tapeworms tend to eat away the bedding inside the intestine and there are cases when the intestine folds and causes convulsions.

Eye diseases:

The two types of prevalent eye disorders visible in hamsters are:

  • Conjunctivitis:

Pink eye or Conjunctivitis is the swelling of the eye or the face region due to any previous injury or any overgrown or injured teeth. It is also caused by any sorts of infection or irritation from the bedding. You can start with cleaning the area around the eye and the eyelids to remove the crusty part.

  • Protrusion of the eyeball:

This is very common in hamsters. The main cause for this includes any kind of previous injury or trauma. It is always best to have a loose hold at the back of the neck of the hamster. This is a matter of emergency and needs urgent medical attention.

Bone or Muscle disorders:

The lameness in the hamsters is caused by strains caused in the muscles or tendons. Broken bones are caused due to twisting of the feet in the wires of the cages or some other situations. If you find your small friend not moving around and is in pain, it is best to consult a doctor for the same.